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    Slamo Guitars Turquoise Cabronita is reviewed in Vintage Guitar Magazine - June 2018 issue. Get it now and tell us what you think!

    Reviews and testimonials

     Check out what folks are saying about Slamo Custom Guitars:

    "FYI, I now have the green Redeemer Prototype #2 in my possession and believe me when I say, it's a very cool guitar that looks great and plays beautifully. I also have one of Frank's Cabronita T style Slamo guitars, and you'll see my review of that soon in Vintage Guitar. A beautiful instrument; light as a feather, great workmanship, great sound, and in all honesty, it will be very hard for me to send it back!" -Bob Cianci, Vintage Guitar Magazine.

    "I am simply blown away by this gem..Let me put it this way.. I have been blessed to be able to own and play some very high end new solid bodies over the years..Tom Anderson; Don Grosh; Melancon, Zion by Kenny Hoover..This is the equal, or better, of any of them..Flawless execution, fit and finish..A joy to hold and just wonderful sound..Thanks for a great experience all around." -Shally on TGP, Slamo Korina Tele HB

    "These guitars are amazing and they rival any of the boutique guitars I've ever played!" -Jack Zucker, Slamo Checked Cabronita 2FT

    Click here to see a nice demo of the Slamo Checked Cabronita.

    Stay tuned, More on the way. Thanks all! 

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    Slamo Custom Guitars guitar store started out in the back of a local Florida pawn shop where our founder and head luthier, Frank Silano setup a small guitar shop workshop and provided guitar repair and customizations to the Tampa Bay area. We have grown into a busy custom guitar shop providing high-end custom guitars to professional musicians all over the USA.

    What We Do

    Our onsite luthiers and technicians have been providing expert repair and custom shop services for over 30 years! We specialize in custom builds, repairs, and vintage restorations and we work on all makes and models of guitars, basses, mandolins, and other things with strings! Give us a call or stop bye, we are all guitar nerds here at Slamo Custom Guitars and we love to talk guitars and gear!

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    We love happy customers and want you to be 100% satisfied with our work! We work directly with the customer to make sure we understand the nuances of what you are after. Our custom builds and custom work are guaranteed for life!

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